Information for Incoming Students


The Institute of Art History at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) welcomes incoming ERASMUS+ students from all of its partner universities (see the full list of partnerships here).


The Institute offers two or three English-language courses (lectures and/or seminars) each semester for incoming international students, in a variety of topics. Incoming students with a working competency in Hungarian language are also welcome to attend the regular courses offered by the Institute.


You can find all relevant information and general contacts for incoming students within the ERASMUS+ programme at the main website of ELTE.


The courses offered to incoming international students are available on this site, updated regularly.


Please mind that the Institute of Art History at ELTE is currently unable to accept international students applying for an ERASMUS+ traineeship.

For more information, please contact Agnes Kusler, ERASMUS+ coordinator of the Institute of Art History at